En Plein Air – Residency at Ecole Nationale des Beaux Arts

During a year’s residency in Paris (1994-95) at the Ecole Nationale des Beaux Arts, in the atelier of artist Annette Messager, I made this work.  Considering the fact that I was quite ill most of that time, suffering from relentless skin rashes all over my neck and face and constant fatigue, I managed to go […]

Anathema for a Few Bodies

A mythical musing through Manhattan and Montauk.  The original inspiration for this piece came from the Sacre Coeur in Paris.  Upon seeing a small statue of the Virgin Mary placed in a wooden box, I decided to make my own, that I could fit into.  Then the box went on location.  To Montauk where with […]

Tunnel Love

A spontaneous improvisational performance in Placerita Canyon, CA by composer/performer/collaborator Joshua Yang and myself. (1997)

Of Its W(h)ole(y)ness

Risking self-contempt, in the spectacle, ‘shut up, you’re making a scene,’how can I make a spectacle of myself and call it liberating? Questions to consider when creating something, I made a 4 1/2 foot high steel pedestal with red velvet base and revolving top. Standing tall, and wanting to feel what it is like to […]

Next to the Pale

Chair on wheels. Extended torso, more limbs. I decided to wheel this around the streets and it eventually became the video piece here as well as the main object in a theatre piece called ‘Vaginamouth’ for Los Angeles Women’s Theater Festival as well as the featured ‘character’ in Chair, a video collaboration between myself and […]


These are highlighted edited excerpts from full length theatre piece (running time approx. 50 min). Based on the Greek myth of Philomela as recounted in Ovid’s Metamorphoses and more currently eschewed by the poet Ted Hughes, this piece begins with a modern ‘Greek chorus’ of 4 talking heads that recites the basic tale: a young […]


This piece began as a sculpture. I had the notion of being not just on the bed but inside of one. So I gutted the inside of a box spring mattress, fitted it with contact mics, florescent lights and a clear plastic top. I rigged the base so I could slide in and out of […]

Improv with 2 Telephones

A collaboration between myself and multi-media artist, Andrew Bucksbarg altered the telephones for this piece. The desire here was to juxtapose ritual/instrumental actions, vocalization using the everyday common action of the telephone. Julie and Andrew move actions such as picking up the receiver, dialing, talking, and hanging up as well as exploring new possibilities the […]

Can Can

2 TV monitors, live audio, two bobble heads, live legs – a performance and collaboration between performer/artists Julie Adler & Andrew Bucksbarg. A fanciful exposure of legs, virtual heads and the space in between. Figurative, literal, disembodied and obvious and then not so. Built around improv, the towering head videos are singing or making sounds, […]