Anathema for a Few Bodies

[vimeo id=”7965817″]
A mythical musing through Manhattan and Montauk.  The original inspiration for this piece came from the Sacre Coeur in Paris.  Upon seeing a small statue of the Virgin Mary placed in a wooden box, I decided to make my own, that I could fit into.  Then the box went on location.  To Montauk where with a few friends, we shot a film.  The box also inspired a skirt made of blue velvet and broken shards of mirror and included a welded steel underskirt, both of which I wore through Grand Central Station and out in the Hamptons.  The cast for the film: Julie Adler, Lisa Shafir, Nicholas Toulouse, Paul Einfeldt with original music by Julie Adler & Dante Rosati and special thanks to Martine Maffetti.  ©1996

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