“Midnight Caesura” at Jaus Gallery

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Dress Rehearsal 2, 60x60" oil on canvas, 2013

I was part of a group show, ‘Midnight Caesura’, curated by artist Eve Wood, at Jaus Gallery, in Los Angeles, from April 5th to May 19th, 2013.   The group exhibition continued JAUS’ 2013 program of 6 exhibitions based around a color or grouping of colors.  For this offering, Wood proposed the word, “midnight” as in “midnight blue” for the mood the word evokes, and not necessarily for the colors the artists incorporated into their work.

As Eve also writes, “The second word, and more central idea, “caesura” signifies a pause or a complete break in the middle of a verse in a poem or in music.  This exhibition attempts to understand or mediate the ‘pause’ or ‘break’ between moments or events, that instance of fierce and sometimes painful introspection that passes mostly between moments or events.  Parts are connected, though sometimes not, and it is these disquieting spaces that are prevalent and noteworthy in all of the pieces exhibited.  With this selection of works, the 5 artists – Julie Adler, Tanya Batura, Seth Kaufman, Eve Wood, and Jody Zellen – resist easy connections and strive instead toward a hard won and more challenging understanding of the self and its relationship to the world.  Hopefully, viewers will perceive these caesurae and have the opportunity to reflect upon the issues stated above as they relate to each individual work.”