Campbell Hall Residency – Lodged (part III)

"In Land", acrylic and linocut on canvas, 30x48", 2014

“In Land”, acrylic and linocut on canvas, 30×48″, 2014

I was artist in residence in the Spring 2014 at Campbell Hall school in Studio City, CA, specifically learning about printmaking, and I experimented with a wide array of printmaking processes: etching, linocut, collagraph, monoprint, and photo-transfer, all of which were on view in the elegant Campbell Hall school gallery. For this show, some of the content for my imagery sprang from the story of the solitary Rapunzel with her long, knotted hair. Formally, the works in this exhibition allow for the mistake, the drip, the blur, or an accidental artifact caused by the new processes and materials to reinforce the formal aesthetic in my work.  These strong gestures move quickly into the foreground, becoming pivotal visual elements of each artwork. The exhibition also included a small selection of new sculptures from re-appropriated athletic gear.

Artillery Magazine ‘Killer Pick of the Week’, March 20, 2014


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