A Stone’s Throw

From the Emissary to the Wanderer.  They have messages for each other.  Geophonic intersections Voices in the Strata (sphere).  She crosses paths with Her.  A geostrophic occurrence?  Or a geodesic one?  A stone’s throw…into infinity or a microsecond.

This video contains highlighted excerpts from a performance by Jacki Apple and Julie Adler in Santa Monica at the Arcadia Club as part of the All Stars of Performance Art curated by The Dark Bob. ‘A Stone’s Throw’ first premiered at Hot & Sticky, a performance art anthology, at Highways in 2000, which was curated by Deborah Oliver. It was then presented at the New Experimental Variety Show for Side Street LIVE and at All Stars of LA Performance Art Act III hosted by the Dark Bob (with John Fleck, Andy Dick, The Dark Bob, Dan Kwong, Linda Albertano) at the Arcadia club, Santa Monica pier.

“Julie stood motionless with a bucket on her head while Jacki recited a somber poetic litany. Not funny, not mean-spirited, the piece was a welcome change from all the slapstick that preceded it. Did the capacity crowd listen? You could hear a pin drop.”
Dianne Bates, LA Times

Here is the original audio piece :