Do You See What I See?

(Images:  left – Braille drawing (far-reaching), gouache on Braille paper, 8×10  ©2018 Eve Wood; 
right – The places nobody wants to go (1), 24×30, ink on canvas, ©2017 Julie Adler)

New works by Eve Wood and Julie Adler
April 7th through May 5th, 2018

The Situation Room
2313 Norwalk Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90041-2926

Opening Saturday, April 7, 2018, 4-7 pm and by appointment
Do You See What I See?

This is a fundamental question – is this possible? As an artist, we struggle to have our work seen and understood. Will it ever be? How important is it? Los Angeles based artists Julie Adler and Eve Wood tackle this question in a show of new work at Micol Hebron’s ‘The Situation Room‘, opening April 7 from 5-8 PM. The pieces in this exhibition speak to the unreliability of perception married to the sincere desire to try to comprehend and to the act of sight itself. Both Adler and Wood attempt ‘see back’ and purposefully play with obvious constructs – eyes, braille paper – are there not limitless possibilities and layers of interpretation that exist all around us? Eve Wood has said “These particular drawings are about hidden narratives. The idea that I, as a sighted person do not know what is being communicated on these sheets of Braille paper and that I must interpret them based on an absence. The Braille is actually from handouts, pamphlets about how to use Braille paper.” Adler adds that “these experiments feel like they’re looking back at me, seeing me. Seeing you. So I wonder if I’ve even given up imposing my ‘agenda’…actually that would be a good thing.”

excerpt:  “Julie Adler has created four paintings that take up the opposing wall. These ink on canvas creations appear to be a series of trees with animal faces. They manage to accomplish the tricky feat of being both beautiful and disturbing, simultaneously. The spare use of color gives each one its own distinct feel and mood.”