Of Its W(h)ole(y)ness

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Risking self-contempt, in the spectacle, ‘shut up, you’re making a scene,’how can I make a spectacle of myself and call it liberating? Questions to consider when creating something, I made a 4 1/2 foot high steel pedestal with red velvet base and revolving top. Standing tall, and wanting to feel what it is like to be on display, I created a music recital around the object. The video includes excerpted highlights from a full (1 hour) length recital as well as an improvisational performance another evening.

with: Lisa Sylvester (piano) & Erin Barnes (percussion)
music included works by Aaron Copland, Ravel, Hildegard von Bingen
in the Main Gallery, Cal Arts (1997)

The pedestal also had a ‘mobile’ setting, meaning in which I had an alternate poll, reduced to 2 1/2 feet that I transported in my car to various locations. The energy to turn the pedestal came from my car. We (the pedestal and I) went to the Walmart parking lot in Canyon Country as well as a local cul-de-sac.