Braids and balls

An on-going play of braids and balls from Vermont to other places like Mono Lake, Joshua Tree and the Alabama Hills, CA. (2012-present).  This investigation also relates to my performance piece/composition(s)/book called  ‘Lodged (in the Bosom of the Spacious Land)’.

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braidballs in snow15 thumbnail
braidballs in snow14 thumbnail
braidballs in snow12 thumbnail
braidballs in snow9 thumbnail
braidballs in snow8 thumbnail
braidballs in snow6 thumbnail
braidballs in snow5 thumbnail
braidballs in snow4 thumbnail
braidballs in snow3 thumbnail
braidballs in snow2 thumbnail
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12 lodged cover iv
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14 IMG_8875
Courtship H WEB
Courtship E WEB
Courtship G WEB
Courtship F WEB
Courtship D WEB
Courtship C WEB
Courtship B WEB
Courtship A WEB
braidballs in snow17
braidballs in snow15
braidballs in snow14
braidballs in snow12
braidballs in snow9
braidballs in snow8
braidballs in snow6
braidballs in snow5
braidballs in snow4
braidballs in snow3
braidballs in snow2
braidballs in snow1
ballpark26 web
ballpark25 web
ballpark24 web
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